TCU Supply Chain Students Innovation Project Winners Spring 2020

Supply Chain professionals. Take a few minutes to see some of the great work our TCU Horned Frogs Supply Chain Management students have completed for their capstone projects this semester. Spring 2020 saw many fantastic and informative Innovation Project discussions. The Innovation Project challenges students to evaluate current trends in technology, society, workforce changes and more and explore how these trends will impact Supply Chain Managers in the years to come. This semester, I’ve selected 4 outstanding presentations for your review. These include:

  1. The Death of Brick and Mortar Retail, or Not? – Aspen Illston, Katie Spradlin, Emily Severance, Haley Mittelstaedt
  2. The Future of 5G Technology in the Supply Chain – Fernando Viacava, Tommy Ferrara, Caroline Harper, and Charlie Hunt
  3. The Fate of the Banana I know – Paulina Gonzalez, Viridiana Gonzalez, Juan Melgar, Ricky Lopez
  4. Warehouse Robotics in the Supply Chain – Brian Baumbach, Jeremy Fox, Ryan Sheehy, Nicholas Barclay

Each are about 10-15 minutes in length. Hope you enjoy! Go Horned Frogs

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