TCU Supply Chain students Innovation Project winners – Fall 2020

by Supply Chain Management Instructor Mark Layton - TCU Neeley School of Business; Dec 2020 Please join me in congratulating these TCU Supply Chain Management students for being selected as the Fall 2020 "Best in Class" winners of the Supply Chain Innovation project. Again this Fall, our classes saw many fantastic and informative Innovation Project... Continue Reading →

TCU Supply Chain Students Innovation Project Winners Spring 2020

Supply Chain professionals. Take a few minutes to see some of the great work our TCU Horned Frogs Supply Chain Management students have completed for their capstone projects this semester. Spring 2020 saw many fantastic and informative Innovation Project discussions. The Innovation Project challenges students to evaluate current trends in technology, society, workforce changes and... Continue Reading →

COVID-19 impacts from the front lines of the world’s Supply Chain Leaders

By: Mark Layton - March 23, 2020 (Image (C) Gettyimages Creator: Thomas Vogel. No copyright infringement intended) Having now surpassed over 35 years of experience working in the Supply Chain field, one great asset I have amassed is an awesome and well connected global network of other Supply Chain executives and leaders. This past weekend I... Continue Reading →

Overcoming Labor Shortages by Attracting the “On-demand” Workforce

A “Workforce Hurricane” Looms Labor shortages for low to modest-skilled (“LMS”) positions have reached record highs (US Bureau of Labor Statistics) and are likely to be increasingly challenging, even in a calmer US economic environment. As US unemployment rates hover near historic lows (US Bureau of Labor Statistics), employers with significant demand for LMS workers,... Continue Reading →

An eCommerce growth chokehold?

You may have taken note recently of the flood of advertising seeking seasonal labor for the upcoming 2016 holiday shopping season. Amazon, UPS, Fedex and many other national retailers and distributors have recently flooded national media outlets with ads seeking seasonal help. The increasing frequency of these ads and the significant investment being made to... Continue Reading →

Effective Strategy or Hopeful Discovery? 6 Key Characteristics found in effective Corporate Strategies.

Need help developing an effective Corporate Strategy? Contact Coach Mark Layton @ As a leader of your organization, do you ever find yourself wondering why your team seems to not be on the same page or has just kind of lost its way? Have you ever experienced any of these quite common corporate phenomena’s... Continue Reading →

5 "Big Picture" Technology Trends                                                 While it drives my family and friends crazy, there’s always been a pioneer spirit in my soul driven to continually explore, hone and define the “big... Continue Reading →

Lessons Learned from the 2012 Holiday Shopping Season

By: Mark Layton, Chief Executive Officer, PFSweb The holiday shopping season is no longer relegated to in-store shopping on Black Friday; rather, it has snowballed into an entire weekend where consumers demand both mega-deals and convenience. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the powerhouses in the retail world and can account for a significant percentage... Continue Reading →

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